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You are in good armor

Making our world better and safer; 
this is the our mission. 

Head investigator, Bruce Kang is a licensed detective in United State of America(Illinois and Wisconsin state) and provides extensive investigative services for International Corporations, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, News Media & TV, Attorneys, and Private Individuals.   Our highly qualified staff offers an array of services with global networking and international investigative capabilities which can provide your organization.  The information of  investigation contributing the valuable support required to bring your cases to a successful conclusion. 

Again, we succeed with tough cases where others gave up. Please take advantage of our extensive investigation services and worldwide resources that enable us to accomplish for you. 


We also service in Korea for all your business needs , investigations, forensic services,  business consulting, Assisting legal process.  Due to Korean Laws, our services are focuses on business services.

Making our world better and safer; this is the our mission. 

Investigation Team


If you can't find  services that you  are looking for,  please feel free to

ask us at  (224) 788-0909.

Our Services

Our Investigation & Surveillance team offers a wide range of services in U.S.A., KOREA and Worldwide and our operatives are experienced and professional in what they do.  Our rate are very competitive and all evidence we obtain be it video, photographic and all reports will be provided.
Please find a list of our services, for further details on the services we offer then please contact us by e-mail or phone.

◈ Financial Investigation

◈ Background Check
◈ Locate Heir, Family, Adoptee, 
               Witness, Debtor etc.
◈ Insurance Investigation

◈ Worldwide Network

Services in Korea
◈ Corporate Investigations
◈ Copy Right, Counterfeit
◈ Death investigation for 
    Insurance claim

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